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**What is Guest Posting ?**

Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.

Guest posting is a white hat link building method that has been around for years and remains one of the most valuable ways to build safe, high quality, contextual links back to your site. Over time, these backlinks will raise the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easier to find via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

By making friends with other bloggers through guest posting, you’re going to grow your influence in the realm of social media, which will ultimately lead to more blog subscribers.

Guest posting introduces you to new people: it allows you to enter an already-established community, and share your message. It allows you to connect with new people, which can ultimately benefit you, if you do it right. What about people guest-posting on your site:- I’malso a fan of allowing other people to guest post on my own site from time totime.

The first rule of being a good guest:

Link to the post from my blog

Promote it on Twitter(several times)

Share it on Facebook

Thank the person

Stick around and respond to comments on the post

While not everyonedoes this, it’s not a bad idea. However, this is important: If you have tochoose between getting people to guest post on your site or guest postingelsewhere, do the latter. It’s always better to get your name out into newcommunities.

Guest posting matters

SEO, guest posting on other sites is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site.

if you’re a writer wanting to land more “traditional” publishing opportunities, this is a great first step to eventually getting your writing featured in news sites, magazines, and other publications.

If you are n’t satisfied with your blog traffic but aren’t posting on other people’s blogs, you don’t have much to complain about. Start guest posting today, and see your influence grow.

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